Varnishes and glazes for wooden surfaces

Our wood varnishes, wood stains and thick-film stains have a wide range of applications. Our in-depth expertise in the treatment of wood surfaces, built up over decades, is valued in the wood industry worldwide. It is above all the close cooperation between our laboratory team and our production, office and field staff that allows us to create products that are highly durable, efficient and yet functional - always in tune with the latest trends and market requirements. And this applies to both industry and the private sector.

Applying wood varnish

High-quality coating systems for wood

Our high-quality and highly resistant wood coatings for industrial wooden components, beer table sets and for private use impress with their efficiency in application and consumption. The ease of application in the various application areas makes painting dimensionally stable wooden components, beer table sets etc. quick and easy. All Lignum paints are ideally suited for use in the wood industry as well as for private use. Applied in one or more coats, our alkyd resin varnishes provide hard-wearing corrosion protection by increasing the resistance of the substrate and thus the weather resistance.

Wood stain on house (exterior)

Block out external influences

Wood needs special protection from the weather, especially outdoors. The outstanding weather resistance of our Lignum wood stain (KH83 series) based on long oil alkyd resins makes it a popular all-rounder for wood coatings where the surface should remain open-pored. The stain is free from fungicides and is therefore also suitable as long-term protection for exposed interior areas, such as wooden staircases.

One-component lacquer

More durability for wood

Our 1-component coating system is suitable for all dimensionally stable wooden components and wood in general that is coated by casting or dipping. The functional Sefal lacquer (KH90 series) can be applied in several layers and thus ensures a durable coating that conventional wood coatings cannot keep up with for a long time.

Our high-performance products for the best wood protection

Wood lacquer
KH90 series

Alkyd resin-based wood varnish

  • For industrial wood coating
  • Application on exterior wood fittings
  • Also suitable for casting and dipping processes

Wood lacquer
WA80 series

Water-based wood varnish

  • Suitable for industrial use
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Wood Stain
KH83 series

Wood stain for outdoor use

  • Open-pored
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Free from fungicides

Thick-film glaze
KH87 series

Thick-film glaze for exterior use

  • Very good weather resistance
  • Film-forming
  • Free from fungicides