From fluorescent paints to marking paints and adhesion promoters:

Our special products

With our special products, you receive high-quality industrial paints and adhesion promoters that are produced by us at our production site in Germany to the highest quality standards. This means we can guarantee the perfect quality of our products. Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise in paints and varnishes, you can also be sure that the processing properties will meet even the highest requirements.

Marking paint on car tires

Tire marking paint - no adhesion, easy application, water-dilutable

Whether new tires or completely renewed tires: With our tire marking paint, you can mark the tires even before vulcanization. The special composition of the tire marking paint prevents it from sticking to the mould. This makes it easy to apply barcode markings to the tread, for example, which can be read perfectly even after vulcanization, thus ensuring smooth, automated further processing. Or you can quickly and easily apply decorative or individual markings to the tires using the Beugler wheel. Our lightfast ink impresses with its high and long-lasting adhesion to the surface.

Painting aluminum

Painting galvanized parts and aluminium without primer

Galvanized parts and aluminium surfaces in particular require special pre-treatment to ensure that the paint applied later adheres for a long time and impresses with its excellent colour brilliance. With our Sefa adhesion promoter for 2-component paints (DD series), you save yourself a work step. The additive ensures that you can apply the paint directly - without the need for a primer.

Fluorescent daylight color - eye-catching for more safety

In many areas, it is important that vehicles or vehicle attachments have a high level of luminosity. This is particularly recommended for outdoor use, such as construction machinery, as a fluorescent coating makes them more eye-catching and thus ensures greater safety on construction sites. Our high-quality 2-component topcoat system Sefadurit 2-component high solid paint (DD43 series), which impresses with its outstanding chemical and weather resistance, is your ideal partner here.

Signal color on an excavator

How does fluorescent paint work?

These colors contain special particles that convert the sun's invisible UV light into visible light. As a result, the color itself develops a high luminosity, making machines, vehicles, etc. appear brighter to the viewer's eyes.

Marking paint for parking lots and parking garages

With our Sefaplast 1-component floor paint (KS70 series), you get a high-quality road marking paint that can be easily applied with a normal paint spray gun on various substrates with light loads. It is therefore particularly suitable for parking lot markings on asphalt, concrete paving, natural stone paving or even concrete floors. The parking lot marking with our 1-component paint remains abrasion-resistant for a long time under normal use.

Our special products for many areas of application

Adhesion promoter
SP50 series

Sefa adhesion promoter for 2-component lacquers of the DD series

  • Additive for use with the 2-component lacquers of the DD series
  • For direct painting of aluminum and galvanized parts

Hydro marking ink
WL71 series

Marking paint for tire production

  • Marking before vulcanization
  • Water-dilutable
  • Thixotropic adjustment
  • For application with Beugler wheel
  • Prevents sticking in the mold

1-component floor paint
KS70 series

1-component road marking paint

  • For surfaces subject to light traffic (e.g. parking lots)
  • Easy to apply
  • Good resistance

2-component high solid lacquer
DD43 series

Highly cross-linking 2-component topcoat system

  • High solids
  • Excellent chemical and weather resistance
  • Low solvent content
  • Air and oven drying
  • Also available in fluorescent colors